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Windows 7, Windows\CSC, Manage Offline Files & the Sync Center

I miss the old days of Windows when there was always a way to get something done. Fast. There was always a “do it anyway” button, if you will, with Microsoft products. You could hack it together and no matter what, you could find a way to make even the most unstable, cobbled-together idea, become stable and useful for years and years.

Three months ago, I wanted to search a mapped network drive in Windows 7 only to have it produce incomplete results nearly every time. I realized somehow that Windows wanted me to configure the network drive with the Manage Offline Files feature in Windows 7 and then index it using Windows Search because, for whatever reason, there’s no “index-it-over-the-network-anyway” button. So I did, and the search results were somewhat more complete, however, using a lot of hard drive space since it was now maintaining an unencrypted copy of an 80GB TrueCrypt volume worth of data on my local drive.

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