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  1. I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  2. Zetta Dandrade

    Amazing stuff thanx :)

  3. Calvin

    It just don’t make sense to me, plain damn weird…

  4. thanks !! very helpful post!

  5. Anonymous

    You are really great in providing stories! Thank you!

  6. Mina Lanman


  7. Ian

    As always, great article. ^^
    I found something that might be of interest to you. There are third-party programs that change how often User Account Control notifies you. One such program is Norton UAC. While I haven’t tried it myself, it does look promising.
    Also, in Windows Vista, the frequency of UAC notifications can be changed via Local Security Policy.

    I probably don’t need to tell you that (as you most likely already know), but it may help someone who sees this post.
    Thank you!

  8. I once looked into those alternatives. You know what, though? I discovered that it is easier to just deal with a malware incident than with incessant UAC prompts since they do very little to stop an infestation anyway. An end user would need to understand what they’re doing in order to benefit from UAC. It’s nice in theory, but in practice it just doesn’t do much good. It’s still the first thing I disable on Windows Vista and Windows 7 — right along with taskbar grouping. :)

  9. I’m shkeocd that I found this info so easily.

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