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Port Forward Podcast – Episode 4 (Wireshark)

In celebration of officially naming the podcast, we discuss the port forwarding a bit, inbound and outbound ports & NAT (Network Address Translation) then smoothly segway into discussing Microsoft’s new “Safety” single-use executable virus scanner which completely failed to detect the fake anti-virus program “Vista Home 2011” which was oh-so-cleverly executed from the task manager and remotely inserted onto the system via Dropbox (Microsoft Safety, that is)! A little humor in the form of… Office 2010 the movie. Did you know that Emacs have Tetris built in? No? So does uTorrent! Scrolling penetrating into OSX + VirtualBox + pspad, how to extend the life of your laptop, and an incredibly detailed Wireshark tutorial for programmers (you don’t wanna miss this!) — and closing with more comedy in the form of the tragic combination of PalmOS & “Companion Link.”

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