Port Forward Podcast – Episode 3 (Skynet in the Cloud)

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In this episide we discuss: Internet Explorer 8 and the awkward repeated clicking sound it makes when browsing images; how we’ve “reached the point of diminishing returns” with Windows (7); and to that effect, documented evidence in the form of a video demonstrating the search feature in Windows 7 failing.

But wait, there’s more: viruses on iOS, using a hex editor to identify malware .IPA files; using an iOS device as an FTP server for hosting a websites; all about QR Codes; cloud storage workaround, a proposal for a cloud drive 50 mb workaround and the “Adrive” service; the Nintendo 3DS’ augmented reality experience as well as Ben’s research at UC Davis that utilized augmented reality in a similar fashion as the 3DS.

XenServer 5.6 and what happens when a RAID fail; and finally, the epic catastrophe that is: Windows Live.

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